Title: 2020/8/31 7:20:05
This is one of our favorite places to get chinese take out, foods delicious. Been going here for years. Saturday picked up our order and when I got to the car I noticed the egg rolls were missing..went back in and they were actually accuing me of stealing the egg rolls..insisting they put them in the box..when they didn't. I wasn't trying to steal extra egg rolls and found it insulting that they thought I would do that.
Title: 2020/6/3 18:20:33
Pork Fried Rice was bad. Called and a kid running the register tried to explain that it probably was not bad because mine had been the only complaint...but it was foul. I called to let them know so that they could check on the pork fried rice....may not eat there for a while.
Title: 2019/8/4 11:43:31
I ordered on line and used a coupon that was online for 15.00 and his web page acccpted it but when I got my order it was original price and I called them said they didnt accept coupons. I told him his web page did. no no what can I do.I said refund my money no cant do that guess whos calling tomorrow and speak to someone else
Title: 2019/3/26 9:34:54
I usually love your restaurant ,however, after last night I will not be returning. I always get the bourbon chicken, last night was the first night I received it without the carrots , onions and peppers. I got 3 small pieces of broccoli with soggy rice and mushy chicken . Another place that has gone downhill
Title: 2019/3/20 4:18:35
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Title: 2019/2/25 8:44:28
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Title: 2018/9/21 15:37:51
Please have ready for 7:30
Title: 2018/6/23 6:49:04
Placed an order last night and was overcharged by ar least $10.00. Beware! The food wasn't even that good so it really upsets me.
Title: 2018/5/29 12:45:13
I have enjoyed Golden Wall for over 20 years and order take out often. Twice lately when I ordered, the 2 egg rolls were missing. The next time I ordered I let them know and she said “we have no record so you have to pay.” I had only asked for 2 of the 4 egg rolls they owed me. Really? I will now drive out of my way to go somewhere else. The price of 2 egg rolls cost them a long time customer.
Title: 2018/12/19 12:52:33
Very good! My 5yo daughter and I stopped in to have some lunch. The lady was very nice and helpful. She gave my daughter a couple of cookies as I was ordering which put a big smile on her face. The food came out fast! Was surprised at how soon it came to our table. Fresh and delicious. We will definitely be coming back next time we are in the area!
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